Jul 312014

1. ኣብ ከባቢና ንዓመታት ዝቐጸለ ፈስቲቫላት እናተሰናደአ ካልእ ፈስቲፋል ምድኳን ንምንታይ ኣድለየ? 2. ንፈስቲቫል ኤርትራ ኣብ ስካንዲናቭያን እናተቓወምካን ኣንጻሩ ሰላምዊ ሰልፍታት እናኣዳሎኻስ ከምይ ጌርካ ብዛዕባ ፈስቲቫል ምስንዳእ ትጉስጉስ? 3. እዚ ፈስቲቫል እዚ ናይ ተቃወምቲ ድዩ? መን ከ የካይዶ? ዝብሉ ሕቶታት ክዘንቡና ቀንዮም ኣሎዉ። ካብ መጀመርታኡ እቲ ሓሳብ ከመይን ኣበይን ብከመይን ነቒሉ ክነብርህ እምበኣር ንቡር እዩ።

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Jul 312014

Written by EPDP Editiorial Board Monday, 28 July 2014 21:23 EPDP Editorial The 2014 Eritrean festival is due to take place from August 8 to 10, 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany. It is being organized and facilitated under the auspices of the Eritrean Democratic Association, a nonprofit organization, in collaboration with the Eritrean People’s Democratic Party [...]

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Jul 292014

At 12 am this morning (28 July), the Security Council held an urgent meeting to adopt its first formal outcome on the situation in Israel/Palestine—a presidential statement—since the onset of the latest outbreak of violence in Gaza. The presidential statement adopted this morning calls for full respect of international humanitarian law; expresses strong support for [...]

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Jul 262014

07/26/2014 ስራሕ – ንሰርሕ ንህላዌ ንበልዕ ፣ ንሰቲ ፣ ንዕቆብ ፣ወይ ገዛ ንገብር ንህላዌ ፣ ንምርዖ- ንፈሪ ፣ ምህዞ – ንምህዝ እቶትና ነደንፍዕ ንህላዌ ፣ ንሃገር ንካላኸል ፣ ንእከብ – ንዝቲ ፣ ንህላዌ ፣ ብሃይማኖት ተጠርኒፍና ቤተ – ክርስትያን ፣ ንሃንጽ ፣ ንምህለል ፣ ንጽሊ ፣ ንህላዌ ፣

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Jul 252014

(borkena) Reports by bloggers and news outlets like ESAT suggest that the ruling party in Ethiopia might soon embark on war project against Eritrea. These unconfirmed reports indicate movement of heavy artillery and troop build up in the north. Fresh conscription in Ethiopia also fostered speculation that the regime might indeed want war with Eritrea [...]

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Jul 242014
 Progress or Regress: Eritrea’s Human Development Status  An overview of the 2014 Human Development Report  Launched today      By Kiros Beyene

http://www.meskerem.net/ProgressorRegressEritrea.pdf Today, July 24th, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), 2014 Human Development Report (HDR) has been launched in Tokyo, Japan. The theme of the 2014 HDR is Sustaining Human Progress: Reducing Vulnerabilities and Building Resilience. This note on the composite indices of the HDR is based on the explanatory note on Eritrea. Globally the [...]

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Jul 232014
20 young men drowned and killed during attempts to cross Gash River to Sudan; President Isaias makes an unannounced visit to Tessenei. ( Source Adoulis)

2014-07-22  Tessenai: private sources – the death of 20 young men is a tragedy that horrified the city of Tessenai. The 20 young men drowned during attempts to cross illegaly to Sudan by human trafficking who were smuggling gangs,, sources reported that a group of reform human traffickers Using the new method of smuggling by [...]

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Jul 232014
Members of the Eritrean Defense who joined the Popular Army Ordered to Go Back to their Units by Major General Philipos, reports Adoulis

Confrontation between Major General  Philipos Woldyohanes and General Takhali Manjous and his followers, and perhaps other parties are becoming prevalent. Meanwhile, the people, leaders of the ruling party, composed of civilians, are watching what is going on inside the military and security institutions with great concern. Major General  Philipos, Chief of Staff, issued strict and [...]

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Jul 222014

posted on MON 21 JUL 2014 2:18 PM This afternoon (21 July), the Security Council is scheduled to vote on a draft resolution condemning the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17. Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and Netherlands Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans are both expected to attend the meeting. (Australia, a non-permanent Council member, lost [...]

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